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Applying for Grants

The following resources will help you find and apply for funding opportunities.  This section does not supersede information and requirements listed in the FOA and do not guarantee funding.  All applicants should thoroughly read the entire FOA to ensure they meet the specific requirements outlined in the FOA. 

Registration requirements

To apply for the ASPR grant programs you must have a current and active registration in several systems as listed below.  The registration processes may take several weeks to complete.  If you believe you are currently registered in any of the required systems, it is advised that you review the activation status several weeks prior to the submission due date to ensure your registration has not or will not expire prior to the submission date.  Failure to complete the registration prior to the  deadline will prohibit consideration of the application.  All applicants must have an active DUNS number.  You may use the System for Award Management (SAM) website to apply for the DUNS number

For all grant applications you must be registered on:

Submitting an application

All applications in response to an ASPR FOA must be submitted through unless otherwise instructed in the FOA.

Required Forms:  Review the FOA

ASPR may not accept applications that are not submitted using the standard grant application forms (the SF 424 family).  Note that certain types of assistance programs (such as research grants) may require additional forms.  Review the FOA for a list of required forms. You can access all the Office of Management and Budget forms except the HHS 690 via the SF 424 family page.

The signature (whether actual or electronic) of the authorized organizational representative on the application indicates that the organization complies, or intends to comply, with all applicable public policy requirements specified in the funding opportunity announcement, generally by reference to another document such as application instructions or a grants policy statement.

Indirect Costs

ASPR grants, unless otherwise stated in the FOA, permit the request for indirect or Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs using a current negotiated indirect cost rate agreement from the applying organizations cognizant Federal agency.  For information on indirect cost or cost allocation plans contact the Division of Cost Allocation.