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​​COVID-19 Therapeutics Thresholds, Orders, and Replenishment by Jurisdiction

State and territorial health departments have the ability to order COVID-19 therapeutic products seven days a week through the Health Partner Ordering Portal (HPOP) in a process known as “threshold and replenishment.” In this process, the federal government replenishes the available supply, replacing products ordered by sites in the jurisdiction the previous week. This ensures that the total amount of product available to jurisdictions each week is consistent, and this amount is known as a jurisdiction’s “threshold quantity.” 

Threshold quantities are determined as follows:

  • Paxlovid and Lagevrio (molnupiravir) threshold amounts are determined on a pro rata population basis and replenishment occurs weekly.
  • Evusheld threshold amounts are determined on a pro rata population basis and replenishment occurs monthly.
  • Distribution of bebtelovimab to jurisdictions ​has been discontinued. During distribution, bebtelovimab threshold amounts were determined using a disease-based methodology and replenishment occurr​ed weekly. However, the final allocation was determined based on population and is specifically for use for the treatment of underinsured and uninsured patients. Bebtelovimab is available for purchase through the commercial marketplace for all other patients.​

Requests for additional products can be made by state and territorial health department officials at any time if the current supply is not sufficient to meet demand. The federal government tracks the amount of COVID-19 therapeutic products ordered through the HPOP portal each week, monitoring product availability for each state or territory. 

To see how many therapeutics each state has available as a threshold amount, has ordered, and administered, scroll over the state in the map below. The map is set to show the threshold values for all products for each state but can be changed to show individual products, courses ordered/administered products, or by population.

The tables below the map further breakdown the information and provide an opportunity to download the data as an Excel or CSV data sheet.

To download the data from the tables: click the download icon ( Tableau download icon ) at the bottom of the table, select the crosstab option, and choose the format you prefer (Excel or CSV).

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