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Practical Leadership Tips for Enhancing Staff Behavioral Health During a Crisis

Ensuring that you have responsive workforce during a crisis requires consideration of the behavioral health of your staff. Effective behavioral health management is accomplished through what is offered to staff and well as what is modeled by their leaders.


Despite the stress, fear, and anxiety that may be associated with a crisis, it is important for staff to know how to be successful. Messages are best delivered in way that staff can hear and interpret them.

  • Express empathy, caring, honesty and openness
  • Take 2 or 3 deep breaths before writing emails or speaking with staff
  • Establish frequent and regular times when you staff can expect to hear updates from you
  • Place the tasks in a larger context; explain why it is important
  • Clearly define the objective and the deadline
    • You and your staff should understand what success or task completion looks like
  • Be open to and create opportunities for feedback from staff
  • Follow-up to ensure tasks are complete