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Working from Home during the COVID-19 Outbreak

For many Americans who are still working, much of that work is now being done from home. But it isn’t just work. Americans are now in positions where they’re responsible for not only their jobs, but childcare, cohabitating full-time with significant others, family or friends, and there is anxiety and fear that comes with the unknown of what the next few weeks or months will look like. Here are some tips to make teleworking more manageable.

Woman teleworking with child

First, Are you Ready?

  • Get started on-time or earlier.

  • Get dressed for work as you normally would if you were going into the office. Staying in your PJs might be comfortable, but it may hinder your motivation to work.

  • Pick a quiet place (if possible) in your home and designate it for work only.

  • Recreate your workspace with things or items that remind you of your regular workspace.

    • DO: Keep a clean, organized workspace with limited distractions and noise
    • DON'T: Although you may be tempted to complete household chores while working, you may find yourself distracted and less productive

Manage Relationships

Set your Schedule

Managing Stress