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National Biodefense Strategy 

Biological threats to humans, animals, agriculture, and the environment are among the most serious threats facing the United States and the international community. In today’s interconnected world, biological incidents have the potential to cost thousands of American lives, cause significant anxiety, and disrupt travel and trade. Unveiled in September 2018, and updated in October 2022, the National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan for Countering Biological Threats, Enhancing Pandemic Preparedness, and Achieving Global Health Security (the National Biodefense Strategy)  outlines a national vision for addressing challenges arising from naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental biological threats. The strategy sets the course for the U.S. to combat real, serious, and evolving 21st century biothreats.

The strategy explains how the U.S. Government will manage its activities more effectively to assess, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from biological threats. The National Biodefense Strategy and the associated Implementation Plan and National Security Memorandum 15 establish a leadership structure and approach to coordinate the full range of biodefense activities carried out across the U.S. Government to protect the American people from bioincidents.