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Emergency Prescription Assistance Program

EPAP Activated in Hawaii

If you are uninsured and live in a designated area within Hawaii that has been impacted by the recent wildfires, you may be eligible for assistance under EPAP. When activated, EPAP pays for certain prescription medications and durable medical equipment for people without medical insurance who live in a designated disaster areas. If you think you may qualify for the program, check out our fact sheet to learn more.

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The Emergency Prescription Assistance Program, or EPAP, helps people in a federally-identified disaster area who do not have health insurance get the prescription drugs, vaccinations, medical supplies, and equipment that they need. This program helps people and communities better cope with a disaster and reduces stress on the healthcare system.

People who are eligible for EPAP can file a claim at more than 72,000 retail pharmacies across the United States and its territories for prescription items that were lost, stolen, or destroyed because of a disaster.

EPAP in Action