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RISC Toolkit 2.0

​Risk Identification and Site Criticality

Risk Identification and Site Criticality (RISC) Toolkit is an objective, data-driven all-hazards risk assessment that can be used by public and private organizations within the Healthcare and Public Health Sector to inform emergency preparedness planning, risk management activities, and resource investments. The RISC Toolkit provides owners/operators in the HPH Sector with nationally recognized standards-based evaluation criteria in an easy-to-follow, guided format.

The RISC Toolkit contains three self-assessment modules. These allow users to identify external threats and internal hazards specific to their site by using objective national-level data; assess the vulnerability of their site based on industry standards and guidance; and evaluate the criticality of and consequences to their site in the event of an incident. The RISC Toolkit compares multiple facilities across systems, coalitions, and regions to identify dependencies and interdependencies in a consistent and repeatable method to help create a more resilient healthcare system.

RISC 2.0: Access the new web-based, objective, data-driven all-hazards risk assessment

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RISC 2.0 Overview  
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Key Features

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Estimate the human, property, and business impacts to a facility that may result from a specific threat or hazard

  • 34 external threats or hazards, including active shooters, flooding, and more.
  • 33 internal threats or hazards, including water or generator failures, supply shortages and more.
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Quickly assess facility level

  • Emergency preparedness and resilience
  • Physical security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Critical dependencies
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The modernized RISC 2.0 application includes a number of new features

  • Role based access
  • Context level help
  • Location services
  • Data segmentation
  • Enhanced approach to creating risk assessments
  • Heatmap style visualizations

General Topics & Questions

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