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Items Covered by EPAP

The Emergency Prescription Assistance Program (EPAP) covers most drugs. EPAP does not cover the following types of drugs, even if they are listed in the database:

  • anti-obesity drugs
  • impotence treatment drugs
  • fertility drugs (including progesterone and leuprolide)
  • cosmetic drugs
  • over the counter drugs, such as smoking cessation
  • over the counter vitamins
  • blood products
  • non-specialty implantable medications
  • allergy serums

Some types of durable medical equipment are covered by EPAP, but the items must be purchased from a retail pharmacy. Covered items include:

  • canes
  • crutches
  • walkers
  • wheelchairs

Medical supplies that are sold in retail pharmacies may be covered under EPAP. Vaccinations that are provided by retail pharmacies may be covered under EPAP.

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