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Health & Social Services Recovery Support Function

The mission of the Health and Social Services (HSS) Recovery Support Function (RSF) within the National Disaster Recovery Framework is to assist local community-led recovery efforts to restore and improve public health, healthcare, and social service networks while promoting the resilience, physical and behavioral health, independence, and well-being of individuals and communities affected by disasters and health emergencies.

Specifically, the HHS RSF seeks to:

  • restore capacity and resilience of essential health and social services to meet ongoing and emerging post-disaster community needs
  • encourage behavioral health systems to meet behavioral needs of affected individuals, response and recovery workers, and the community
  • promote self-sufficiency and continuity of the health and well-being of affected individuals; particularly the needs of vulnerable populations such as children, seniors, people living with disabilities, people with functional needs, people from diverse backgrounds, people with limited English proficiency, and underserved populations
  • assist in the continuity of essential health and social services, including schools
  • reconnect displaced populations with essential health and social services
  • protect the health of the population, including response and recovery workers, from the long-term effects of a post-disaster environment
  • promote clear communications and public health messaging to provide accurate, appropriate, and accessible information; ensuring information is developed and disseminated in multiple mediums, multi-lingual formats, alternative formats, is age-appropriate and user-friendly, and is accessible to underserved populations.

Health and Social Services Recovery Core Mission Areas

The Health and Social Services Recovery Support Function (HSS RSF) has identified nine core mission areas vital to recovery for communities and citizens.

Recovery During & After a Disaster

Initial Response to a Disaster


Partner Agencies and Organizations

A variety of partner agencies and organizations play different roles in the implementation of HSS RSF.