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This PHEMCE Strategy provides the strategic goals and objectives by which the PHEMCE will modernize its efforts to establish and maintain an improved state of MCM preparedness. It establishes a clear mandate on how to enhance the MCM Enterprise, including through domestic manufacturing, and ensure the USG has the adaptive and responsive capabilities needed to mitigate all types of public health emergencies.

The goals and objectives outlined above require extensive coordination among federal, SLTT, and private-sector partners. This strategy serves as a basis for a long-term implementation plan to promote readiness in the MCM Enterprise by aligning efforts across the USG; become an Enterprise that is constantly innovating; and enhance the use of partnerships as a strategic business practice. The PHEMCE members, and its support staff, are responsible for developing and implementing this long-term MCM enterprise plan. This PHEMCE Strategy highlights goals and objectives and serves as a transparent monitoring and evaluation platform to illustrate how the PHEMCE operates and how it can improve.

Public health and MCM preparedness are essential components of national security. Without a strong domestic MCM Enterprise, all Americans remain vulnerable to an expanding list of naturally occurring, accidental, and intentional threats. Extensive collaboration and coordination at the federal level, with SLTT partners, and with private sector stakeholders mitigates public health threat consequences. The PHEMCE mission is to lead MCM preparedness.

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