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Evaluation and Performance Measures: 
1.0 Funding Use Questions

Regional Ebola and Other Special Pathogen Treatment Center FY21 Administrative Supplemental Funding Performance Measures

Operational Intent: These questions will be asked of each funded recipient and sub-recipient to determine which performance measures they should respond to. Recipients and sub-recipients will only be asked to provide data for those performance measures that correspond to the outcomes and activities for which they used RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement funds.

1.1 Funding by Recipient

Recipients must report the funding amount provided to each sub-recipient. Recipients must limit their direct costs (excluding subawards to RESPTCs) to no more than 10 percent of the allocation. ASPR will consider requests for exemptions on a case-by-case basis.

Program Performance Measure
Data Point

Data Entity


PM 1: Total amount of RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement funding provided and amount provided per RESPTC (Recipient-level allowable direct cost cannot exceed 10%)
Total amount of funding provided to recipient will be prepopulated

Please indicate the amount of RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement funding (in whole dollars) that your jurisdiction provided to your RESPTC

Recipient-level direct cost = (amount of funding in whole dollars retained by the recipient for activities and funding management / total recipient funding) x 100%

PM 2: Number of calendar days from the start of the award for recipients to execute RESPTC sub-award

Please indicate the date that your RESPTC’s sub-award was executed
Number of days to execute subaward = (date subaward executed – date of notice of award)

1.2 Estimated Funding by Target Outcomes

RESPTCs are to select the target outcomes (one or more) that the RESPTC directly used funding from the RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement to achieve. For each targeted outcome for which the RESPTC used funding from this administrative supplement, indicate the estimated number of funding dollars used for the associated outcome. Please leave all other sections blank. Responses to this question are only used to determine which performance measures will be reported by the sub-recipient and do not replace other financial reporting requirements outlined in 45 CFR 75.

PM 3: Estimated RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplemental Funding by Target Outcome

Targeted Outcome

Estimated number of dollars of RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement funding used for associated activities:
Continue to address readiness gaps for RESPTCs, assessment hospitals, and frontline/EMS settings, by making improvements in the following areas:
  • Increase the capacity for all regional treatment centers to conduct clinical trials for medical countermeasures and research the spread and transmission of special pathogens
  • Improve the transport of laboratory specimens to testing laboratories
  • Develop training opportunities for staff members outside of the immediate special pathogens team to improve infection control measures, including personal protective equipment (PPE) donning and doffing techniques
  • Further develop plans for the segregation, storage, and processing of biohazardous waste
  • Improve recruitment and retention of special pathogen trained staff with specialties that may be needed in special pathogen response, including pediatrics, geriatrics, pulmonologists, and intensivists
  • Develop specific plans for at-risk populations[1], with the understanding that each pathogen will differentially impact various groups Expand travel history and symptom screening processes to points of entry other than/in addition to emergency department triage and registration areas

Maintain regional treatment center’s continued capability and capacity for special pathogen care
Continue to use novel approaches for education, readiness, and assessment activities, including, expanding the use of media, augmented reality/virtual reality, and technology to enhance training for staff and providing National Emerging Special Pathogens Training and Education Center (NETEC) training and materials to health care facilities throughout the region
Support continued planning, development, and implementation of a regional network for special pathogen patient care, including engaging state and jurisdiction special pathogen treatment centers; assessment hospitals; and frontline facilities (including but not limited to settings such as nursing homes, residential care facilities, EMS, and 911 call centers). This network may be informed by and modeled using the lessons learned from already established trauma, stroke, or burn specialty networks
Develop, support, and maintain regional special pathogen treatment centers that operate as a system in coordination with state or jurisdiction designated Ebola and other special pathogen treatment centers; assessment hospitals; and frontline facilities (including but not limited to settings such as nursing homes, residential care facilities, EMS, and 911 call centers)
Support NETEC in their activities as a ‘force amplifier’ in the region
Collect RESPTC evaluation and performance measures, in addition to receiving peer assessments using metrics developed by NETEC
Regional treatment center initiatives to support their region’s special pathogen system of care

1. The 2013 Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act defines at-risk individuals as children, older adults, pregnant women, and individuals who may need additional response assistance. Examples of these individuals may include but are not limited to individuals with disabilities, individuals who live in institutional settings, individuals from diverse cultures, individuals who have limited English proficiency or are non-English speaking, individuals who are transportation disadvantaged, individuals experiencing homelessness, individuals who have chronic medical disorders, and individuals who have pharmacological dependency.

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