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Evaluation and Performance Measures: 
7.0 Optional Questions

Regional Ebola and Other Special Pathogen Treatment Center FY21 Administrative Supplemental Funding Performance Measures

The questions in this section are optional. They are exploratory questions to assist ASPR in understanding the challenges faced and leading practices utilized by funding recipients in building regional special pathogens preparedness and response capabilities. The responses will be used to inform future program design, development of guidance, delivery of technical assistance, and support contextual understanding for reporting to national stakeholders.

Topic Area

Data Point(s)

Data Entity


Challenges in addressing preparedness and readiness gaps for RESPTCs and other health care facilities[7]

What specific challenges have you had in addressing preparedness and readiness
gaps for RESPTCs and other health care facilities within your region using RESPTC FY21 Administrative
Supplement funds? What were the impact of these challenges? (Free


Number of RESPTCs reporting

Qualitative description of challenges and impact of challenges

Promising practices in addressing preparedness and readiness gaps for RESPTCs and other health care facilities[8]

What specific clinical or operational modifications were made by your facility as a result (full or partial) of your participation in a readiness consultation by NETEC using  RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement funds? (Free response – 750-character response length)

Number of RESPTCs reporting
changes as a result of  consultations

Qualitative description of

Recipient participation
in program activities[9]

With the 10% of funding retained by your organization, did you (the recipient) participate in any of the
activities allowable under the RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement? If yes, please briefly describe them. (Free
response – 500-character response length)

Recipient Number of recipients directly supporting program outcomes

Qualitative description of activities

7. Note: Similar optional questions also appear in performance measures for the RESPTC COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Activities Administrative Supplement. Please limit this particular response to activities and outcomes funded by the RESPTC FY21 Administrative Supplement.

8.  See above citation.

See above citation.

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