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Health Equity Considerations

TPOXX (Tecovirimat) Operational Planning Guide — Information for Providing Therapeutics for Persons with Mpox 

When developing distribution plans within your jurisdiction, consider the following approaches to ensure equitable distribution to populations with health disparities7:

  • Engage people from affected communities in planning for therapeutic programs and as trusted sources of information about Mpox and therapeutics
  • Use non-stigmatizing, plain language8;
  • Reiterate privacy of information and how data will be used
  • Engage diverse partners who are already working with disproportionately impacted populations
  • Provide information and increase awareness at pop up events and mobile outreach to reach people where they are
  • Leverage clinical venues that serve people who have historically had less access to primary care, for example sexual health or STD clinics, LGBTQ+ health clinics, and pharmacies
  • Minimize the use of systems that are first-come, first-served
  • Implement equity interventions that prioritize populations less able to access therapeutics, (i.e., individuals who are uninsured) even if a first-come, first-served model is used