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Healthcare Sector Preparedness and Response Branch

Siren light on roof of police car 

CIP’s Health Sector Preparedness and Response (HSPR) Branch is responsible for ensuring that the HPH Sector is equipped to respond to all-hazards emergencies in an effective and efficient manner. To support the HPH Sector, the HSPR Branch manages activities during steady-state periods, required response cycles, and ongoing recovery timeframes, including leading communications on critical classified information with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial (FSLTT) and private sector partners, and coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The HSPR Branch directly supports ASPR priorities by coordinating across public and private sector partners to prepare for and respond to incidents, emergencies, and disasters that threaten HPH's critical infrastructure. The Branch conducts a range of activities to support preparedness and response, including developing and refining incident response plans and playbooks in coordination with the private sector, facilitating secure and effective information-sharing, and supporting HPH Sector-specific exercises, among others.

The activities carried out by the HSPR Branch assess emerging and existing HPH Sector vulnerabilities and risks, support emergency preparedness planning, and provide critical resources to the HPH Sector, such as the HPH Risk Identification and Site Criticality (RISC) Toolkit.

For more information and questions regarding the Health Sector Preparedness and Response (HSPR) Branch, contact