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Infrastructure Analysis and Partnerships Branch

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CIP’s Infrastructure Analysis and Partnerships (IAP) Branch manages the administrative and operational activities that form the foundation of the HPH Sector partnership, including coordination of key planning document development such as the Sector Specific Pla​n and strategic planning documents, planning and hosting regular sector meetings, preparing and distributing routine sector bulletins, and managing sector CIPAC requirements. IAP also coordinates identification and analysis of current and emerging risks to the HPH Sector and coordinates information-sharing across sector partners. By coordinating with various federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial (FSLTT) and private sector partners, the IAP Branch equips the HPH Sector with appropriate expertise and resources to prepare for evolving, complex threats to HPH critical infrastructure.

The IAP Branch directly supports ASPR priorities through its core activities which leverage partnerships and r​esources across the FSLTT and private sector to support shared situational awareness and support the HPH Sector community. The IAP Branch’s core activities serve to promote a more resilient HPH Sector by aligning goal development among public and private sector partners, enhancing clear, multi-directional communications, and building general partnerships and partnerships specific to an HPH Sector area of interest (e.g., cybersecurity), among others.

These activities enable sustainable, long-term, HPH Sector partnerships across multiple industries and organizations that allow partners to share expertise and resources.

For more information and questions regarding the Infrastructure Analysis and Partners (IAP) Branch, contact​