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ASPR TRACIE: Through the Years

Alternative Text for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for ASPR TRACIE: Through the Years

[The video begins with the ASPR TRACIE logo.]

Male Narrator: We started ASPR TRACIE in 2015 with quite a mission—deliver information and resources to professionals on the front lines of healthcare preparedness.

During that time we’ve grown—a lot. We responded to thousands of requests for technical assistance and continue to receive requests every day; worked with hundreds of dedicated subject matter experts to share their expertise with our audience to improve awareness and bolster knowledge; completed nearly sixty comprehensively reviewed topic collections, providing easy access to the most current, vetted, evidence-based resources, created a listserv that reaches hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals; and provided newsletters, fact sheets, tools, and webinars on critical topics—all while supporting an ever-expanding roster of partners and stakeholders.

We’re proud of these accomplishments, but even prouder that you’ve allowed us to share your best practices and become your trusted source for preparing for and responding to emergencies.

In the future, expect to see still more ways to be ready when disaster strikes or the unthinkable happens. More ways to make a difference in people’s lives, at the times they need it most.

And for that, you deserve a big hand. Thank you.

The ASPR TRACIE logo appears again, with the URL

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services logo appears with the message “Produced at U.S. Taxpayer expense” at the end.

[The video ends.]