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Alternative Text for Time-Based Media

  • ASPR's National Special Pathogen System (NSPS) - The video introduces ASPR's National Special Pathogen System (NSPS). A nation-wide, system-based network that was created to support infectious disease readiness through education, regional coordination, and surge activity training.
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  • Hurricane Michael: Promoting Recovery in Bay District Schools -  As recovery from Hurricane Michael continues, area schools had to grapple with rising levels of anxiety, depression and PTSD; increasing numbers of homeless students; and rapidly dwindling numbers of staff. Although all of these challenges are daunting, they are not unique to this disaster. ASPR helped connect school administrators and educators who were are grappling with recovery from Hurricane Michael with mentors from around the country who faced disasters in their school districts and were ready to share lessons learned. Together, they discussed solutions to help bolster recovery.
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  • Mapping the Capacity of Healthcare in Puerto Rico -  Captain Betty Hastings, Recovery Field Coordinator for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services at the Joint Recovery Office in Puerto Rico, is showing how ASPR is helping to assess the capacity and capabilities of private and public healthcare services across the island through mapping.
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  • Dr. Kevin Yeskey: Regional Disaster Health Response System -   Dr. Yesky explains the advantages of using a tiered multi-state, regional system to get patients the care they need in the time that they need it following a disaster.
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  • Exercise : Tranquil Terminus -  The video shows the Tranquil Terminus Exercises in Spokane, WA, Boise, ID, and Los Angeles, CA.  These are three of the participating patient debarkation locations where patients will be received and transported to their treatment facilities.  The exercise is an opportunity for federal and local health agencies and organizations to both prepare and practice for any kind of possible contagion.
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