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NDMS Supports COVID-19 Vaccinations at the Tucson Convention Center

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The following is a text alternative description for the NDMS Supports COVID-19 Vaccinations at the Tucson Convention Center .

[The video is recorded at the Tucson Convention Center in Pima County, Arizona during a COVID-19 response. The video features the Medical Director, Dr. John Gaither, highlighting the NDMS teams integration and assistance with the COVID vaccinations organized through the Tucson Fire Department.]

Josh Gaither, MD:  We're at the Tucson Convention Center. We're providing COVID vaccines under Pima County in the State of Arizona through the Tucson Fire Department. My job as the medical director here is to ensure that the medical care provided through the vaccination process is appropriate, safe, and, most importantly, fast. And we get the most people vaccinated as possible. So, I was really pleasantly surprised to see the NDMS group show up to help. For me as an NDMS medical officer myself, when I heard they were coming, I knew exactly what to expect. Our NDMS team would come along with paramedics, nurses, doctors, other healthcare professionals that were trained and ready to get to work. We were able to integrate them with our team here at the Tucson Convention Center to provide safe, effective care, and vaccinate as many people as we can at this site.

[The video concludes with an image of the logo of ASPR, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.”]