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SNS Training Video: Bariatric Bed Assembly 2020 (Legacy Model)

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The following is a text alternative description for SNS Training Video: Bariatric Bed Assembly 2020 (Legacy Model) .

[The video provides step by step demonstrations and instructional content on the assembly and testing of the Bariatric Bed.]

Unknown Male Narrator:  Assembling a Bariatric bed can appear to be quite intimidating, but if you follow the steps provided in this video you will find that its much easier than you might think. Please note that a small socket set is required in order to attach the two adjustable locking brackets to each side of the bed frame. These are not included in the FMS cache.

  1. The first thing you want to do is pull the mattress out of the tri-wall container. This will enable easy removal of the other parts.

  2. Lay out the two sections of the bed frame and align them so they ae parallel.

  3. Push the bed frame halves together and connect with the attached pins.

  4. Connect the electrical cable on the side of the bed frame halves.

  5. Open the flap covers of the gear boxes on the bottom of the footboard and headboard. This will make it easier to access later. Note: The headboard and footboard are identical and interchangeable.

  6. Connect the headboard and footboard sections to the bed frame then slide the notches on the frame into the grooves on the headboard and footboard.

  7. Extend the center rod until it locks into place.

  8. Now, push the center rod into the gear box connector which is located at the foot of the bed under the frame. the rod must be above the crossbars which are beneath the bed frame. Pictured here is the spring-loaded connector from the gear box to the footboard. Here is another photo from a different angle looking down at the center rod connecting to the gear box. The frame is now complete and you can place the mattress on the bed.

  9. Now, place the side rails on the bed.

  10. Next, connect the side rail pins.

  11. Plug in the bed's electrical cord to a power source.

  12. Before placing the bed into use, test it by using the control pad to operate it through all phases of its operation. The six function control pad is used for all bed operations.

If any problems arise during the test, recheck all electrical connections and mechanical hookups. In the event of a power outage, you can use the hand cranks to manually raise or lower the bed's head or foot sections independently. You can also raise or lower the entire bed. There are two separate connectors. One located at each end of the bed.

[The video ends showing an assembled and fully functional Bariatric Bed.]