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SNS Training Video: Westcott Bed

Alternative Text for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for SNS Training Video: Westcott Bed.

[This training video begins with an image of three (3) fully assembled Westcott Beds.  The video provides a visual demonstration and instructions to guide the user through the process of assembling a Westcott Bed.]

Male Narrator:  Like the GUBs, the Westcott Beds are shipped in a tri-wall with a red label marked, "Westcott".  These are a little more complex to assemble than the General Use Beds mainly because of the design of the frame.  However, assembly can be completed by one person.  To assemble the bed:

  1. First remove each bed from the tri-wall and unhook the clip located near the top of the bed.

  2. Place the bed flat on the floor and raise the leg portions toward the ceiling.

  3. Remove the mattress and place to the side of the bed. 

  4. Note: The Westcott has six (6) hinges... two on each end and two in the center.   Secure the hinges by pushing down using preferably your foot, or if you choose to use your hands, it's a good idea to wear gloves to avoid scratches, cuts or  other accidental injuries.  

  5. The Westcot is adjustable and is designed so that the frame and bed are in two separate pieces.  Before turning the bed over, grab both sections and hold them together. 

  6. Attach the mattress by securing the Velcro straps to the frame.  Be careful not to secure the strap to the lower portion of the frame because this will impede your ability to lift the head or foot sections of the bed.

  7. The head portion of the bed can be moved to multiple positions and is equipped with a safety cord, the foot portion of the bed can be elevated by lifting it and extending the two plastic arms located under the frame.  Fully extend both arms and place them on the bottom frame. 

  8. The two piece IV poles are located on the end of each leg portion of the bed.  Snap the two pieces together to complete assembly.  Once assembled, the IV pole can be attached to either side of the head section of the bed frame.

[The video ends with an image of three (3) fully assembled Westcott Beds.]