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SNS Training Video: Hospital Bed Assembly

Alternative Text for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for SNS Training Video: Hospital Bed Assembly.

[This training video provides a visual demonstration  and instructions to guide the user through the process of assembling a Hospital Bed Assembly.]

Male Narrator: The hospital adjustable beds are delivered in tri-walls with a read label marked "Hospital Adjustable". It will take two people to assemble each bed.  To assemble:

  1. First remove the beds from the tri-wall.  All parts needed for set are contained within the bed. 

  2. Stand the bed up on its side with the longest portion of the bed facing up and the two straps securing the bed should be chest high.

  3. Unlatch the straps which are located on each side of the bed. Please note that this bed has a frame portion and a bed portion so be sure to hold both sections as you lower the frame to the floor. 

  4. Raise the legs then slide the hinge locking the lath in place on all four legs of the bed, this will keep the hinges locked and in place.

  5. Now remove the mattress by sliding it from underneath the frame.

  6. You will notice two large pockets under the bed.  Those pockets contain six pieces, two of those pieces are necessary to complete the assembly of this bed.

  7. Remove each piece and place them to one side.  When taking inventory of these parts you will notice that you have:

    • two adjustable arms,
    • two IV poles,
    • a chart bag and a
    • removable tray table.
  8. Now, turn the bed over being careful to hold the be and the frame while doing so.

  9. In attaching the mattress you will notice that the bed and the mattress both have six (6) strips of Velcro that should line up.

  10. Now we will attach the adjustable arms.  Please not that there are two adjustable arms and they are identical. One side of the adjustable arm has a notch.  The section of the arm with the notch lines up with the bedframe.  The other section fits into the tongue mechanism and to do this you have to be sure that the latch on the mechanism is pulled against the frame before sliding the adjustable arm into place. This piece allows for raising and lowering of the head and foot sections of the bed. If positioned correctly this section of the be should not be able to elevate or lower without the adjustable latch being pulled.  Note: in order to release the adjustable arm, you must raise the safety latch. 

This bed comes with two IV poles, which can be placed into one of the three holes at the designated head section of the bed. Also, included with the bed is a Chart bag.  This may or may not be used but in order to assemble you simply tie it to either end of the bed or to the side of the bed. There is also a removable tray table included with each bed. These can be placed in a couple of different locations.  There are holes near the foot and headboard, or you can set it up at the very end of the bed.

[The video ends with a image of an fully assembled Hospital Adjustable Bed.]