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Letter from the ASPR

2022-2026 ASPR Strategic Plan

Today, the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) is working on more high-consequence, no-fail missions than ever before. We are living in an increasingly interconnected world where diseases and other threats can travel quickly, unnoticed for days. In addition, infectious disease outbreaks are becoming more frequent and natural disasters more deadly as a result of the increasing changes to our climate. ASPR's growing mission, while a reflection of the world in which we live, is also a testament to the strength and dedication of our team—our greatest asset. To keep up with the evolving threat landscape, ASPR must remain nimble and ever vigilant while learning from each response it leads. This document lays out ASPR's strategic goals and objectives and reflects the approach we will take to help the country prepare for, respond to, and recover from whatever comes next—no matter what that might be.

In recognition of the increasing magnitude and scope of what we do, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra recently elevated ASPR from an HHS Staff Division to an Operating Division (OpDiv) and renamed us the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response. Becoming an OpDiv gives ASPR additional administrative tools to enhance our ability to respond to current and future public health emergencies. We will use those new tools to grow our capabilities and strengthen our foundation to ensure we continue to meet every challenge effectively and efficiently.

As ASPR continues to grow and adapt to an ever-expanding threat landscape and mission space, we will not leave anyone behind. The impact of public health emergencies on at-risk individuals and underserved communities is often more severe and prolonged than the impact on other communities. As a country we are not fully prepared for, or able to respond to, and recover from emergencies until every person in each of our communities is included and accounted for in our preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

I am proud of the work ASPR is doing to keep the country safe across a complex threat landscape. The next five years will be critical for us as an organization and for the country as we prepare for whatever public health emergencies come next. You have my commitment that together we will help build a more prepared and resilient America.

Thank you,

Dawn O'Connell

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