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ASPR TRACIE: User Comments After the First Year

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The following is a text alternative description for ASPR TRACIE: User C​omments After the First Year.

[The video begins with Shelly Schwedhelm speaking. The logos for ASPR, TRACIE and HHS. Various people provide testimonials in commemoration of ASPR TRACIE’s Anniversary.]

Shelly Schwedhelm, Executive Director of Emergency Preparedness, Nebraska Medicine: I wanted to say happy anniversary to ASPR TRACIE. We have been able to really partner between NETEC and ASPR TRACIE and leverage, really, each other’s core competencies, in that NETEC has been able to bring subject matter expertise to the table and partner that with ASPR TRACIE’s strong logistics support and I think we have a great partnership and a lot to look forward to in the future.

Michael Melton, Emergency Logistics Coordinator, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health: On the occasion of TRACIE’s first birthday I’d comment that this resource has been very beneficial to me and my professional activities. I’ve used the technical resources area and downloaded a number of their topic collection lists; very impressed with the must-read sections of these lists. I’ve also used the Ask TRACIE feature for a couple of queries that produced excellent responses. And finally, I’ve been active in the information exchange area with both postings related to MCM and also having their first private topic area related to MCM inventory management. I’ve found the assistance from the personnel assigned to TRACIE to be extremely professional and effective, and they’ve treated me like a friend which I very much appreciate.

(Descriptive Text: A text quote from Mary Russell, Emergency Services, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, “TRACIE is one place you can go to find evidence-based, foundational articles on a number of emergency preparedness, response and recovery – on both general and hazard-specific topics.”)

Deb Roepke, Executive Director, Arizona Coyote Crisis Collaborative: On behalf of Coyote Crisis Collaborative in Arizona, I applaud TRACIE’s leadership and staff for the prompt and thorough research they’ve done to benefit our Arizona partners. TRACIE staff and leadership coordinated a meeting with a mental health expert to help us design a mental health disaster response plan for the central region. For our healthcare coalitions, they sent us information to help us develop a 96 hour sustainability plan and a training and exercise calendar. Congratulations on an outstanding program and on your first year of service.

Aaron Resnick, Planning & PR, Northwest Healthcare Response Network: The interactions we’ve had with TRACIE staff to date have been invaluable. The staff and experts are extremely responsive to our requests, and ask questions to better understand the issues we’re facing. The content and speed of their responses have been exemplary. Our coalition relies on TRACIE’s expertise for important projects such as developing a regional healthcare disaster equipment supply list. We consider TRACIE an extremely valuable resource and a terrific partner in much of our work.

(Descriptive Text: A text quote from Deborah French, Director, Hospital E P Program, Colorado Hospital Association,“TRACIE is an amazing resource for anyone who currently works in or wants to know more about healthcare preparedness.”)

Elizabeth Jarrett, Program Analyst, HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR): When a disaster strikes, there are a lot of blanks that most people need to fill in. You need to have great disaster health information to help you fill in those blanks; to help you respond to the disaster more effectively. ASPR TRACIE can connect you with those resources. If you plan effectively before a disaster strikes, you’ve got fewer blanks to start with. ASPR TRACIE does a phenomenal job of helping with that sort of planning as well. So if you need great, reliable, peer-reviewed disaster resources, if you need somebody to help walk you through them, check out ASPR TRACIE. They have phenomenal people, they have phenomenal resources, and they’re a great place to go to help with all of your disaster health information needs.

[The ASPR TRACIE logo appears. The video ends.]