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COVID-19 Response: NDMS Assists with Mass Vaccination Efforts in Arizona

Alternative Text for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for the COVID-19 Response: NDMS Assists with Mass Vaccination Efforts in Arizona.

[The video is recorded at  the Phoenix Municpal Stadium Point of Dispensing Center in Arizona during a COVID-19  mass vaccination effort. The video features Eliza Coll, Operations Section Chief.]

Eliza Coll: Today was closing out our first full week of operations here at our Point of Dispensing site. We increased our from 500 appointments to over 2,800 which has been an incredible increase and win for the state of Arizona. One of our success stories today was we have a process in place to close out every single day. That we make sure there is not a single dose wasted. So we have every single dose that has been pulled by our pharmacy. We have made sure that it has made into the arm of Arizonan. The State of Arizona is so fortunate to have partnerships with local and federal partners like the National Disaster Medical System whose provided vaccinators today through the Disaster Medical Assistance Teams.

[The video concludes with a non-descript background followed by the ASPR logo, the tagline "Saving Lives. Protecting Americans." The video is produced at U.S. taxpayer expense.]