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NDMS Supports COVID-19 Vaccinations in Chandler, Arizona

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The following is a text alternative description for the NDMS Supports Vaccinations in Chandler, Arizona.

[The video is recorded at drive-up vaccination center in Southeast Maricopa County in Chandler, Arizona during a COVID-19 response. The video features the interviews with NDMS Mission Commander, an elderly patient, and the Southeast Maricopa County Point of Distribution (POD) Chief.]

Tom Johnson, Mission Team Commander (National Disaster Medical System): Hi! We're in Chandler, Arizona.  We're part of the Health and Human Services shot team that's deployed here. We're here to help the local community and the state provide vaccinations to their people in order to get the population done. We're here to augment more man-power and we're here to help.

Linda Morris, Arizona Resident:  I just got my COVID Vac.  The first one. And, I got it because I am seventy-six years old, and I'm on dialysis and I am not ready to die yet.

Heather James, POD Chief (Southeast Maricopa County Vaccination Point to Distribution): So, we were asked to develop a model that could do 36,000 vaccinations in a 10-day period.  And you know, we took that challenge and rose to the occasion and developed a  model that serves 4,000 vaccinations in the arms in a 10 hour period. We do it very efficiently. Patients are waiting 22 minutes that's it for their whole time here. You know... 4,000 in a 10 hour day that's ... Yes. That's doable. Absolutely!

[The video concludes with an image of the logo of ASPR, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.”]