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The ASPR Testing and Diagnostics Working Group partnered with H-CORE to lead an unprecedented initiative, working with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the Department of Defense (DoD)​ to achieve a milestone like no other in the nation’s history—coordinating the delivery of hundreds of millions of free, rapid, at-home tests to American households in record time.

The team acquired 1 billon tests from the global marketplace without disrupting retail sales or state fulfillments. USPS developed the website for public ordering. The DoD rapidly mobilized to receive and inspect, pack, and deliver these tests—sometimes handling 10 million a day—for USPS distribution sites across the country for shipment and delivery. The USPS delivered tests to more than half of U.S. households between January and early March 2022​.

At-home COVID-19 Test kit


H-CORE: ​HHS Coordination Operations and Response Element​​