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Recruitment and Recognition Toolkit

MRC Recruitment an​d Recognition Toolkit

Recruiting volunteers is a critical function for the leader of a local MRC unit. With a deep understanding of your community and your team, your outreach is focused on those volunteers who can best fill the skills gaps in your unit and effectively contribute to specific local needs, public health initiatives, and emergency response activities.

To aid your recruitment efforts, below are an MRC program history fact sheet, an MRC informational brochure, and MRC recruitment flyers that you can distribute at community events and conferences as well as a presentation you can use to build awareness of the MRC and generate potential public interest in volunteering.

Also provided is a template certificate of appreciation for recognizing your volunteers, which is critical to retaining volunteers: volunteers who feel valued will be more motivated to continue with your unit.

Finally, MRC logo guidelines and instructions for requesting and using the logo are included in this toolkit. The use of the MRC logo helps strengthen the identity of the MRC nationwide and that of local units. The MRC logo is a trademarked logo; therefore, units must request logo authorization prior to using the logo on items. Some examples of where to use the MRC logo include: local unit website, signage, brochures, letterhead, apparel, and items such as pens, pins, and coins.

Recruitment Toolkit