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Overview of Strategic Goals and Objectives

NHSS, 2023-2026 Implementation Plan

The NHSS IP is organized around the strategic goals and objectives of the NHSS, 2023-2026.

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Strategic Goal 1:
Strengthen health care and public health systems to prepare for and respond to concurrent health emergencies, including those that arise from unknown threats.

Objective 1.1: Understand the complex needs of communities to prepare for and implement equitable and tailored response and recovery actions during public health emergencies and disasters.

Objective 1.2: Improve readiness of HPH systems and infrastructure to mitigate the adverse effects of concurrent threats and climate change impacts.

Objective 1.3: Strengthen the recruitment, retention, and preparedness of the HPH workforce to increase capacity and build expertise and flexibility during a response.

Objective 1.4: Improve the effectiveness and integration of risk communication systems to promote nimble, coordinated, accessible, and scientifically accurate public health messaging.

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Strategic Goal 2:
Improve capabilities to safeguard and protect against an array of health security threats, including emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, especially zoonotic diseases.

Objective 2.1: Improve domestic and global integration of data within and from human, animal, plant, food, and environmental health surveillance systems to detect health security threats in a timely manner and inform emergency response.

Objective 2.2: Collect and integrate a wider variety of data into public health surveillance systems to readily identify and address inequities experienced by underserved communities and at-risk individuals.

Objective 2.3: Strengthen safeguards for agricultural production systems to reduce disease outbreaks and pandemics.

Objective 2.4: Promote HPH systems and technologies that are protected against and responsive to cybersecurity threats and safeguard patient privacy and medical device security.

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Strategic Goal 3:
Ensure a resilient and sustainable public health industrial base and supply chain that can rapidly develop and deploy safe medical countermeasures.

Objective 3.1: Expand domestic manufacturing capacity, supply chain diversity, and international partnerships with neighbors and allies to fortify a resilient and flexible public health supply chain.

Objective 3.2: Strengthen partnerships with MCM suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to monitor supply chain vulnerabilities and address shortages during an emergency.

Objective 3.3: Promote innovation across the MCM development pipeline to accelerate the production and equitable deployment of agile, safe, and accessible MCMs.

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