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Become a Part of ASPR Regional Operations

ASPR Regional Operations connects our partners from state, local, tribal, and/or territorial government with federal public health and medical resources to enhance disaster response operations. ASPR Regional Operations provides coordination of all resources (including personnel, equipment, supplies, and information technology systems) to prepare for, mitigate against, and respond to public health emergencies and manmade and natural disasters. Regional Operations is the team that gets it started and sees it through to help protect health and save lives during and after disasters and emergencies.

Are you ready to make the commitment to serve during disasters and emergencies?

HHS Responders Work Together to Protect Health Following Hurricane Florence 

Step 1: Learn about Serving with Regional Operations

Whether you want to join ASPR’s Incident Management Team (IMT) or Logistics Response Assistance Team (LRAT), you must be comfortable with the responsibilities that come with the job. It’s a serious commitment driven by protecting health and saving lives.

Many Regional Operations personnel come from private sector jobs around the country to respond as intermittent federal employees during disasters. Intermittent employees are paid when deployed, typically for about a two-week period, sometimes more than once a year.

ASPR Regional Operations is part of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS), and intermittent federal positions are subject to the same commitments and legal protections offered to other NDMS employees, including coverage under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Step 2: Apply on USAJOBS

Before becoming a part of the team, you must apply for the job. Regional Operations advertises and accepts applications for team positions on USAJOBS. If you are interested in joining a Regional Operations Branch team, visit You can save your search on USAJOBS and request to receive updates on a daily or weekly basis. Once you see an opportunity that is right for you, apply to join. Positions typically stay open for about two weeks.

Regional Operations team members will be selected on criteria including but not limited to an ability to be on-call for deployment for at least two weeks several times each year, work experience, skill level, other team experience, commitment and ability to work in a team setting. Submission of an application does not guarantee you a team position.

Step 3: Applicant Screening

After you will submit your application and supporting documents in the USA Jobs system, your application and supporting documents will be reviewed to verify if you meet the OPM qualifications. If found qualified your application will be forwarded to the Program Selecting Official for their review and then you may be contacted for an interview.

If your application has been selected, you will be notified by the Staffing and Recruitment Operations Center (SROC) by receiving a tentative job offer. If you receive a tentative job offer, you will be guided through the remainder of the federal intermittent employment process. The process includes completion of various federal employment application forms, fingerprinting and a background check, then the official job offer. The application process can take 3 to 6 months to complete.