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New Housing

While discharging an adult with a disability to their original home is the first priority, there may be situations in which new housing arrangements must be found. For example, an individual previously living in a group home may not be welcomed back due to the stigma of testing positive for COVID-19. The individual could also require more care post-discharge than can be provided at home due to complications from COVID-19. Conversely, an adult with a disability who was residing in a facility prior to the hospitalization for COVID-19 may be able to discharge to their community with appropriate services and supports. Examples of promising practices for person-centered discharge planning using the CMIST Framework are outlined in the table below. This is not an exhaustive list of care coordination practices. It is unlikely that every consideration described below will apply to an individual’s discharge plan. For individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who use decision-making supports, the discharge planning process should include input from their support system.