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Coming in 2023​: RISC Toolkit 2.0

Risk Identification and Site Criticality Toolkit

The Risk Identification and Site Criticality Toolkit (RISC) Toolkit, which is currently being used by more than 1,400 public health and healthcare organizations to provide data-driven all-hazards risk assessments, will be updated soon. The RISC Toolkit provides public health and healthcare organizations with tools to identify threats and hazards; accesses vulnerabilities; and determine the criticality and consequences of these vulnerabilities.

The next generation of the RISC Toolkit will be web based, offer an improved user experience, and include more advanced tools.

ASPR’s Division of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is encouraging input from Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector partners through the RISC 2.0 REACT Partnership as we work to modernize this critical tool.

What is RISC version 1.0?

The RISC Toolkit is an objective, data-driven all hazards risk assessment that can be used by public and private organizations within the healthcare and public health (HPH) sector to inform emergency preparedness planning, risk management activities, and resource investments. It accomplishes this by allowing organizations to identify threats and hazards; assess vulnerabilities to those threats or hazards; and determine the criticality of the facility and consequences of disruptions.

What is different between RISC 1.0 and RISC 2.0?

RISC 2.0 is an evolution of the RISC Toolkit that will be web based, offer an improved user experience, and advanced tools for preparedness, analytics, reporting and dashboarding to promote collaboration towards common goals.

RISC Evolution Toolkit  

RISC 2.0 launching in 2022

RISC version 1.0 was released in fall of 2018 and has been utilized by over 1,400 unique organizations across all 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition to spontaneous submissions, CIP conducted targeted outreach to approximately 15 users across multiple healthcare and public health sub-sectors to gain feedback and areas for improvement of version 1.0. This feedback, along with additional needs assessments from within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response led to the evolution of a version 2.0.

The development of RISC 2.0 was launched in early 2020 to enhance functionality and ease of use, and to further expand its utility to the HPH sub-sectors beyond hospitals.

What is RISC 2.0 REACT Partnership?

The RISC Enabled Assessments for Critical Threats (REACT) User Group is a health system partnership comprised of a representative cross-section of HPH organizations committed to work collaboratively to articulate sector-wide business needs, contribute requirements towards a next-generation RISC Toolkit and help enhance data and analytics to advance the nation’s level of preparedness and response.

Participation in the group is entirely voluntary, participants may choose to end participation at any time. All members, whether public or private, are peers in this partnership and provide an equitable contribution to the relationship. User Group discussions will be held under CIPAC protection, and membership in the HPH Sector Coordinating Council is encouraged.

Are you interested keeping the HPH Sector prepared for all hazard disasters? Join the REACT Health System Partnership. Email for more information on membership.