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NBSB Public Meeting: Date TBD​

National Biodefense Science Board

The upcoming meeting of the National Biodefense Science Board, which was originally scheduled for March 9, is being rescheduled.

We are currently working to determine a new date and time for the NBSB public meeting and will announce the updated information on this page and in the Federal Register. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

The NBSB will review recommendations on collection, analysis, and sharing of operational health data, use of systems to support virtual healthcare during a disaster, and challenges related to rural and underserved communities. A pre-meeting, draft copy of the recommendations and agenda will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Additionally, there will be a special session on developing and implementing specialized disaster preparedness training for the health workforce. National leaders in graduate health education will consider the requirements for disaster training and opportunities to expand the competency of the health workforce in general.

Email Comments or Register to Address the NBSB

The NBSB is inviting people with expertise to provide written comments on related subjects, with a limited amount of time for subject matter experts to make remarks directly to the board members during the meeting. 

Representatives from relevant industries, academia, health professions, health care consumer organizations, non-federal government agencies, or community-based organizations may request up to 7 minutes to speak directly to the Board during the public meeting, thought the exact time allotted will depend on time available. Please expect to be online for up to 10 minutes total in the event that board members have questions.  

Please follow these guidelines to register to address the Board:

  • Send written comments to the NBSB at any time, but at least 48 hours prior to the start time to be considered for review during the public meeting. 
  • Requests to speak to the NBSB during the public meeting must be sent to one week prior to the meeting date.
  • Provide the full name, credentials, official position(s), and relevant affiliations for the speaker and a brief description of the intended topic.
  • Speakers may send slides or other documents for the board members to review, but those cannot be broadcast during the meeting (speakers will have audio only).
  • If approved, a staff member will contact the requestor with additional instructions. 
  • Presentations with a commercial bias, advertising, marketing, or solicitations will not be allowed.
  • Public comments and related discussion will be summarized in the final meeting report

Register to Present