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Disposal of Expired JYNNEOS ​​

ASPR/CDC Mpox Vaccination Operational Planning Guide - HHS Mpox Vaccination Program

Once medical countermeasures for mpox are deployed, they cannot be returned to the SNS. This applies to all product deployed by HHS as part of the mpox response, including JYNNEOS, ACAM2000, and TPOXX.

  • At this time, there are no anticipated dating extensions for JYNNEOS, and some lots of JYNNEOS expired during 2023. Once these products are expired, jurisdictions may dispose of the product using their own established protocols for disposal. Medical waste disposal requirements may vary from state to state because they are set by state environmental agencies. Jurisdictions should contact the immunization program or state environmental agency for guidance to ensure vaccine disposal procedures comply with state and federal regulations.
    • Jurisdictions are requested to maintain records of lot numbers and quantities of products that are destroyed. Wastage records should be entered into HPOP.
    • While there are currently no anticipated dating extensions for JYNNEOS, jurisdictions are free to hold expired product in quarantine if they choose to do so.