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Readiness Checklist

TPOXX (Tecovirimat) Operational Planning Guide — Information for Providing Therapeutics for Persons with Mpox 

The following checklists are to facilitate jurisdiction readiness.

  • Create a communication plan to inform recipients of the risks and benefits of TPOXX.
  • Create a communication plan to inform providers of the required EA-IND filing needed for each patient to administer TPOXX to that patient.
  • Develop education and training materials for proper utilization of TPOXX.
  • Understand existing data on knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions regarding treatment in terms of need, provider types, and locations where treatment availability would be preferred. Share these data with local jurisdictions and partners to help shape messages.
  • Develop communications products for providers and the public that align with federal messaging and ensure communication materials are culturally and linguistically appropriate.
  • Leverage partnerships to help mobilize providers and promote messaging regarding therapeutics availability.
  • Engage and educate partners and trusted messengers (e.g., healthcare professionals, community leaders) as soon as possible.