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ASPR/CDC Mpox Vaccination Operational Planning Guide - HHS Mpox Vaccination Program

The distribution strategy supports equitable access to vaccines for people who are disproportionately affected by mpox.

Sixty-three jurisdictions and eight federal entities, including Indian Health Services (his), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Ryan White clinics, and Veterans Affairs (VA), can request shipments from their allocations of JYNNEOS vaccine, or can also request ACAM2000 vaccine, which is available in much greater supply but carries a risk for severe adverse events in certain populations.

  • To date, HHS has made approximately 1.1 million vials available to jurisdictions and federal entity partners, and more than 835,000 vials have been ordered. 
Table caption: Total includes vials distributed to jurisdictions to date and does not include distributions
 made to federal entity partner or the special events.
Date Initiated
Vials allocated to jurisdictions
June 2022 56,000 SC
July 2022 144,000 SC Completed
July/August 2022
ID or SC Completed
August 2022
360,000 ID or SC Transition to Threshold  January 2023
Total  =  943,856 vials    

  • FDA authorized the JYNNEOS vaccine under an EUA on August 9, 2022. This change occurred during phase 3 and allowed for administration via the intradermal (ID) route in addition to subcutaneous (SC). Accounting for the change in route, ASPR estimates approximately 313,500 SC-only doses were distributed during Phase Tranche 3a and up to 5 ID doses per vial during Tranches 3b and 3c
  • Jurisdictions were required to sign the data use agreement or DUA, prior to placing Phase 3 orders and should continue inputting their aggregate inventory and administration counts weekly.
  • HHS transitioned from phased allocations to a jurisdictional threshold approach similar to threshold approaches used for COVID-19 vaccines and TPOXX distribution.
  • The threshold calculation is based on each jurisdiction’s estimated percentage of the nation’s population for whom JYNNEOS vaccination is currently recommended. For example, if 5% of the recommended population lives in a particular jurisdiction, that jurisdiction’s threshold will be 5% of the total number of vials available under the threshold.
  • To ensure that no jurisdiction has access to fewer vials as a result of this transition to thresholds, if the calculated threshold for a given jurisdiction is less than the number of vials it has available for ordering from Health Partner Order Portal (HPOP) as of December 12, 2022, the threshold was increased accordingly. For example,

  • Available vials in HPOP
    as of December 12th
    Threshold estimate Final threshold calculation <





  • ASPR continues to closely monitor the outbreak and work with jurisdictions and federal entity partners to ensure sufficient supply. of JYNNEOS vaccine.